Be Entirely His
by CTK Anacortes on October 14th, 2020
"There are three images in my mind which I must continually forsake and replace by better ones: the false image of God, the false image of my neighbours, and the false image of myself.”-C. S. Lewis I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days, this idea of constantly surrendering up what we think we know about God, others, and ourselves, and be open to more, because there is always more.  Read More
Peace and Growth
by CTK Anacortes on October 7th, 2020
In this time of turmoil it would be strange to say that God has brought me peace, but the truth is never easy. Peace, whether it be in the innocent hours of the morning, before the sun has even had the chance to peek over the horizon, or in a clearing of trees where the light casts gently through the leaves. Peace, wherever it finds you. In the comfort of your own home, or out in the wonderful wor...  Read More
by CTK Anacortes on September 30th, 2020
This last season has been hard with new normals, new rules and regulations. We walk out the door taking a mask, gloves, sanitizer, and often, anxiety. We are isolated from friends, family, church, and our elders in retirement communities who are physically and mentally dying without us. We work up the courage to venture out, but it seems so hard and heavy, like our shoes are stuck in the mud.In th...  Read More
Meekness Not Weakness
by CTK Anacortes on September 23rd, 2020
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.This exhortation is so relevant to us in these tense days. In general the words humility and gentleness are lost in our modern society. This type of virtue isn’t exactly celebrated. In fact, when these characteristics are exemplified in the way Paul is encouraging, they’re hidden. We’re not going to find them easily in o...  Read More
Trusting Completely in God
by CTK Anacortes on September 16th, 2020
In July 2019 my wife Heather and I moved to Anacortes from Sammamish, WA with our 3 children, Sophia (16), Owen (12) and Della (10).  Our move not only included a change in address, but ultimately a change in career which has taken us on a new adventure while teaching us how to trust in God completely, clinging to His provision and promises.  Our journey to Anacortes began several years prior and ...  Read More
Dwelling in Him
by CTK Anacortes on September 9th, 2020
Well, I have worn out the soles of my favorite walking shoes! I am putting in lots of miles and it is perfect for “prayer, praise, pondering, and podcasting”. (And most often, the podcasts make me pray more fervently). There is just so much to pray for: health crises, stress of finances, stress of navigating COVID, disappointments, shattered dreams, loneliness, school decisions, and much more.I wa...  Read More
Known By Him
by CTK Anacortes on September 3rd, 2020
Over the past year and a half I have received two blessings from the Lord, that have helped sustain me during my tiring days of Motherhood and now during Covid.  One was an image, and the other a book.  While exiting the Salvation Army building, I saw a bulletin board decorated with brown and black construction paper.  I studied this image for awhile, which someone had clearly worked hard to creat...  Read More
God Has A Plan
by CTK Anacortes on August 19th, 2020
God Has A PlanFor those that do not know me my name is Ellie Chambers, I am the oldest daughter of Rick and Kristen Chambers. I have attended CTK Anacortes since I was very little and have grown up in the church. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of the middle and high school ministry, YoungLife, where we come alongside middle and high schoolers and show them a little piece of God's lov...  Read More
Overcoming Darkness
by CTK Anacortes on August 12th, 2020
Most of us are talking about the disruptions of normal life, news, elections, Covid-19, and getting very fatigued by the hostility of the world around us. We are getting tired of not gathering, and some of us are gathering, and being judged by those who aren't. When you think you can isolate and ignore everything something happens right under your nose to keep the discouragement going.We have rece...  Read More
Living with Uncertainty
by CTK Anacortes on August 4th, 2020
As one we can say we are tired of COVID 19 and all the circumstances that surround it.  Most of all, we are all just so tired of uncertainty.  Personally, I like to have a plan for life’s ride, the direction, how fast, and when.  I like to know where things are leading, and currently none of us do.  For me there is a lot of “I” misplaced there.  God has always been in control, and He always will b...  Read More
Say Hi First
by CTK Anacortes on July 28th, 2020
“Say hi first” is possibly the best, most impactful piece of advice/training I have ever received. It is so simple to say but in real life not easy to do.I was at a week long training event when I joined Young Life staff. Throughout the week we heard really good content but there is one presenter who cut through all the “information” and presented a three word statement encapsulating way of thinki...  Read More
2020 Vision
by CTK Anacortes on July 22nd, 2020
In the last months have you found it easy to go down the rabbit hole of fear, uncertainty, or even despair?I’m assuming we all have gone from what we thought was some sense of worldly security to what seems to be all unknowns. Who would have thought that we’d be talking about, researching, and worrying about any of these things- sickness, unemployment, furloughs, isolation, masking, or social dist...  Read More